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Car Mirror Services and Car Mirror Replacements at Del-Ray Glass

One of the most important walk in services that we offer at Del-Ray Glass is car mirrors and car mirror replacements. We feel that this is an extremely important type of service that we offer, due to the role that car mirrors play in keeping us safe on the roads.

Your car's rear view mirror and wing, or side view mirrors, work in tandem to offer you a greater view point from within your vehicle. You can use the rear view mirror and wing, or side view mirrors in your car to see what is behind you as well as to the side. Without working mirrors on your car, you would not be able to do many things, such as reverse, or park, or even change lanes safely.

The mirrors in your car are not just any type of mirrors. The rear view mirror in the vehicle is situated inside the car and hangs at the top of the windshield. It is a long, horizontal rounded rectangle shape that is bent in such a way that it offers a wide angle view. You can see what is going on inside the car with it as well as behind it though the back window.

The wing, or side view mirrors are located outside of the vehicle. These are the mirrors that stick out of the main structure of the car and almost resemble small wings. There is one wing, or side view mirror on each side and these are attached near to the base of the windscreen and the driver can see them by glancing to the side as the reflective glass is on the driver's side. These mirrors again offer a greater view of behind the car and also to the sides of the vehicle. These wing, or side view mirrors can be adjusted manually by physically moving them, or automatically by pressing a button inside the car. The automatic adjustment can move the whole structure of the mirror for different angles, or just the glass to see something just out of sight.

As you can see, car mirrors are extremely necessary in order to let us see more of what is on the roads. That is why, at Del-Ray Glass, our car mirror services and car mirror replacements are so important to us. We offer car mirror services and car mirror replacements as part of our walk in services, so if one or more of your car mirrors is broken, or cracked, just bring it by and we will see what we can do. Most likely, we can have it fixed for you within a few hours.

We stock the glass needed for car mirror services or car mirror replacements and if we do not have what your car requires, we will try our best to get in in for you the same day. It's not okay to leave a crack in a car mirror. While you think you might still be able to see, it affects the reflective angle and can put you and others on the road in danger. It's not difficult to repair though, so when you need car mirror services and car mirror replacements, just pop into Del-Ray Glass.