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Warmest And Most Heartfelt Thanks For Outstanding Support

Please give Ms. Tina Ray my warmest and most heartfelt thanks for her outstanding support to me.  Ms. Ray’s timely performance saved me time replacing the glass in our Curio.   So often, those in the service oriented jobs forget The Customer, however from the moment we talked on the telephone I knew Ms. Ray cared about helping me.  When I brought her the measurements to your office for the new glass Ms.  Ray communicated with the technicians to make sure all details were handled properly.  She even walked in back to show the technician what was to be done, and I deeply appreciate the time, effort, caring, and kindness she took for my order.

She kept me informed about what she was going to do and how it would be done.   You would think each piece of glass belonged in a Curio or Cabinet at her home.

Finally, I am the Chairman Emeritus for the Quantico/Belvoir Regional Business Alliance, and due to her super service I am going to recommend your company to our members for their glasswork.  Again, my warmest thanks to Ms. Tina Ray her outstanding service is your Best Shingle.

Reverend Nathaniel E. Wilson, President

JIT Community Development Corporation