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About us

About us

Del Ray Glass & Glazing has been serving the entire Washington DC & Baltimore metropolitan area since 1950. We are a family-owned and operated business that takes care of all of your glass service needs. With more than 70 years of industry experience, and a team of veteran installers and glaziers, our expertise is second to none.

Our Approach

Attention To Detail

Our unrivaled attention to detail produces best-in-class client service, responsiveness and quality. Close, personal relationships between clients and our engineering team, who are deeply involved each day, enable this responsive service.

Proactive Foresight

We go above and beyond sweating all the details and anticipating problems in the field so our customers don’t have to. This eliminates cost increases and schedule delays.

Completion Driven

Our commitment is to complete the job for what we quote, with no change orders unless the scope changes. Clients don’t have to worry about unforeseen extras, and can count on the job being completed on time and budget.

Design And Engineering

Our design and engineering teams proactively analyze and assess every single condition that might affect the design and application of the project. This ensures projects move forward smoothly, efficiently and on budget.

Field Experience

Our team is recognized for attracting and retaining the best, most experienced workers in the industry. This is a direct result of having the closest and longest relationships with our employees, which results in low turnover, and allow us to have the right people on the job, always available.